The Tenute Pieralisi S.r.l. Agricultural Company has always made it a priority to produce and offer products to the market which stand out for their quality and wholesomeness, achieved in perfect harmony with the territory, whilst fully respecting the environment.
In line with these principles the Tenute Pieralisi S.r.l. Agricultural Company has adopted an Integrated Management System that meets both the requirements of the EMAS Regulations as well as the BRC food standards.
Currently, the Tenute Pieralisi S.r.l. Agricultural Company is one of the first companies in Italy to have obtained both BRC certification and EMAS registration.

The BRC Food standard is an international standard created in 1998 by the British Retail Consortium to meet the requirements of industry associated with the retail distribution sector.
This standard is used to evaluate food producers and retailers, and it defines the specific requirements necessary for the planning, realisation and implementation of food safety systems for the production, processing and preparation of foods and beverages.

EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, EC Regulation no. 1221/2009) is a voluntary system for organisations wishing to become involved in evaluating and improving their environmental efficiency.
The purpose of EMAS is to promote continuous improvements in the environmental performance of organisations through:
full compliance with environmental laws as a prerequisite.
introduction and implementation of an environmental management system;
information on environmental performance and an open dialogue with the public and other involved subjects also through the publication of an environmental statement.

EMAS certification on-line
BRC directorty on-line

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